Monday, March 7, 2016

Many programs at Humber School for Writers.

A few summers ago I spent a lovely, busy, creative time at the summer school for writers at Humber College, in Toronto. What a wonderful time! Great teachers and great workshops and lots of kindly help with my writing. We were organized into small groups. My group was led by Wayson Choy, one of my favourite authors. We met every morning. I never forgot his talk about purple writing, or what he called, a sequin too many. (I always think about this when I watch Downton Abbey.) Wayson gave us lots of new ideas  or at least new to me. And the experience gave me long term friends.

A variety of programs are offered at Humber besides the summer school. I have heard great things about the correspondence courses. if you are at all interested in improving your writing, I would suggest you check out the link below.  Joan

Have you always wanted to write a book?16-201

The Correspondence Program in Creative Writing is designed to help you complete your book- length project. It gives aspiring writers the rare opportunity to work on a novel, collection of short stories, volume of poetry, or piece of creative non-fiction with one of the school’s distinguished faculty. Students receive extensive feedback via either regular or electronic mail, and learn to improve and refine their craft. Students may also share their experiences in a closed web lounge. Each 30-week program is specifically designed for those who prefer working at their own paces and in their own spaces.

Antanas Sileika, director Humber School for Writers
Over 300 of our graduates have gone on to publish books traditionally. Many others have self-published. 

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