Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters

Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters
by Jean Pendziwol

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing
Elvis, Joan M. Baril, customer poet Rob Lem

Friday, April 29, 2016

Poem Travesty by Patricia Laster mourns the random cutting of park trees.

Hi fellow lit lovers. I met Pat Laser at the Dairy Hollow Writers Colony in Arkansas and I have been following her blog and poetry ever since. Pat is gifted, I'm sure you will agree. Here is her latest prize winner, "Travesty." This poignant work describes the cutting of trees "for the safety of walkers." Joan M. Baril


The walking trail through Wyndham Park, with oaks
and willows, maples, sycamores and gums:
a splashy autumn show for city folks
in step with robin songs, cicada hums.
One day, sweet woodsmoke in the air, they came:
a droning, giant buzz, like screaming knives
with swishing crashes following. The lame
excuse: obliterate what threatens lives.
They cut two hundred-plus: the young, the old,
the stately, vivid trees. Mimosas spared,
their listless beanpods left to hang like cold
and desiccated tears; but trailside’s bared.
The robins, mockingbirds have taken wing
but I am safe amidst this awful thing.


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