Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My 50th Published Story

A Milestone for This Blogger

I made the decision a few years back. I would try to write short stories. I would give up writing magazine pieces (mainly for Herizon Magazine and a few others) and my newspaper columns. I would reread Alice and Margaret and William Trevor and Hemmingway and Chekhov. I would study  the stories in the New Yorker, Room, the Antigonish Review and other lit mags and ignore the feeling of inadequcy they produced (especially the stories of the divine Alice)  and try my hand.  I would join two writing groups and let them hash over my stuff. I would send stories to the NOWW Blue Pencil editing program and let an anonymous editor rehash them.

I would ignore stupid rejection comments such as this one: "We only take stories in the style of Hardy and Dickens." Well bless my bustle I thought as I pressed delete once again.

I think, fifteen years later, I am improving. Yesterday I received a copy of Prairie Fire containing the 50th published story plus some nice words from Fred Stinson. "This piece shows fine narrative gifts. While telling a wryly funny story, it is also an account of an aesthetic coming of age."

The creative non-fiction piece is called "The Art of Housebreaking," and is based on my childhood pastime of breaking into neighbouring houses, not to steal but to satisfy my love of interior decorating. I was a severe critic. However, a break-and-enter gal never knows what she might discover once she gets inside.

I am so incredibly pumped about breaking the 50 story mark. I think I can call myself a writer now. Thank you Prairie Fire. And thank you to Room for publishing the first story "The Lover," way back in 2007. Thanks to the Antigonish Review for nominating my story "The Yegg Boy," for the Journey Prize. Thanks to Earnest Hekkanen of the New Orphic Review for encouraging words. Thanks to all those who sent encouraging words, even if a rejection was enclosed and that includes a wonderful rejection letter from the New Yorker.

I am going to get a Prairie Fire tee made just to celebrate. Maybe have a give away. PS The Prairie Fire should be available soon at Chapters.

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