Friday, July 1, 2016

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Roy Blonstrum double winner: first prize in the Bill MacDonald Prize for Prose and second prize in creative non-fiction

Big congratulations to John Pringle, Content Editor, and Glen Ponka, Design Editor, for a top-of-the-line magazine. The magazine will soon be available on-line. Stay tuned to this blog for info about how to buy.

Along with a report by Sue Blott on Michael Christie's workshop from last May, we have the works of the first prize winners in the 2016 contest with the judges' comments on each work.

Siobhan Farrell's three prize winning poems are simply wonderful.  Judge Molly Peacock noted their "zesty. memorable images" and "onward rushing rhythm."

Tessa Soderberg double winner in the Novel Excerpt category - first and third place

Judge Terry Fallis called Home Service" by Tessa Soderberg, "powerful."

"One Man's Love", by Sue Blott, which took first prize in the creative non-fiction category was described by Judge Rilla Friesen as "a powerful retelling of painful family moments."

 Add in Joan M. Baril's  first prize story "The Sisterhood," described by Judge Carleigh Baker as a charming look at a time when the world of women held so many secrets.

Roy Blomstrom's essay, "Elna and Sven," took the Bill MacDonald Prize for Prose. Judge Charles Wilkins described it as "an essay  rich in its portrayal of family and neighbourhood life."

Sue Blott first prize in creative non-fiction

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