Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wild on the Superior Frontier by James Stevens

I enjoyed this book. History at its best. Lots of maps and old photos along with strange stories.  Available at the Thunder Bay Museum. I got my copy at the airport gift shop. Below is James Steven's preface.

“Wild on the Superior Frontier: A Romance of Settlers’ Lives”
Lake Superior 1845-1900
Winner of the Gertrude H Dyke Award 2019

Five pioneer families on Lake Superior have many tales to tell us. Of a gauntlet of setbacks, amazing triumphs, boozing citizens, political intrigue, fraud, of the sex trade on the Superior frontier and many deaths out on the immense fresh water lake. Populating the harbours and shorelines of a cold lake over thirty-one thousand square miles in area did not come without human cost. An amazing journey follows in these rich pages from the ports of Prince Arthurs Landing to Duluth/Superior, Marquette and Sault Ste. Marie. We travel through rough voyages and the very personal footsteps of pioneer folk who lived during wild frontier days in Lake Superior country.

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