Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, April 21, 2017

Yowzers - What a theatrical weekend

Cathy Grandfield writes.

Dear Joan

We are having three shows next weekend in honour of 10x10's Fifth Anniversary:

• GALA SHOWCASE Saturday April 29 (7:30 pm) $30

• YOUTH GALA Sunday April 30 (1:00 pm) Free Admission

• SHOWCASE MATINEE Sunday April 30 (4:00 pm) $15

All shows will be performed on the Finlandia stage (in the main hall above The Hoito). Tickets are available at The Hoito, The Growing Season, and on our website:

The 10x10 Showcase features ten plays by ten playwrights, each ten minutes long. At the Saturday Gala, there will be a champagne reception with live music before the show to celebrate our fifth anniversary. The Sunday Matinee will be the same show without the reception.    

New this year is our first Youth Gala, which will be presented Sunday at 1:00 pm before our 4:00 pm Matinee. The Youth Gala has been prepared by All the Daze Productions in partnership with 10x10. They will present a one-hour show featuring four fun plays written, directed, and acted by young people ages 8 to 18. These plays are also ten minutes each. 

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