Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Winners NOWW Literary Awards Contest 217

Gail Linklater presenting the award to Susan Rogers for her second place submission in creative non fiction titled "No Sidewalks."

The annual gathering was a great time as usual. Good food, a fine key note speech by Denise Chong, the announcement of the writing winners as listed below.  Congratulations to the winners and to all writers who entered. 
First Place:
Cindy Matthews, Creative Non Fiction for “Nesting.”
Kirsti Salmi, Short Fiction for “Shag Tickets and Other Debris.”
John Pringle, Novel Excerpt: Speculative Fiction for “The Education of Alan Woodruff.”
Robert Y. Lem, Poetry for “Never Forgotten.”
Kevin Baker, Bill MacDonald Prize for “Ogoki Post.”

Second Place:
Jack Shedden, Novel Excerpt: Speculative Fiction for “Counting Sol.”
Alyssa Foulkes, Short Fiction for “The Memories of Brothers.”
Susan Rogers, Creative Non Fiction for “No Sidewalks.”
Holly Haggarty, Poetry for “River, Tree, Sky.”

Third Place:
Noah Cain, Poetry for “Home at Three Ages.”
Timothy Gynn, Novel Excerpt: Speculative Fiction for “Bandits.”
Julio Heleno Gomes, Short Fiction for “The Teacher’s Gift.”
Olive Mater, Creative Non Fiction for “It’s Canada 150. I’m not Celebrating.”

Deb deBakker, one of the organizers who created a fine evening.

NOWW President Jane Crossman with John Pringle, first place winner for the excerpt of his speculative fiction novel 

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