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Deborah Ellis
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Lone Pine. North Woods. Jameson Kooper , a powerful poet

I met poet Jameson Kooper at Robins in Atikokan. Mackenzi Fisk, the publisher and editor of Mischievous Books, introduced us. Mackenzi published Lone Pine, North Woods, Kooper's book of poetry. And what poetry! Powerful stuff.

In the forward he writes: Writing poetry is always a surprise. I never know what they will become until they finalize like ice...our wonderful planet guides my muse because wonder at life has that way with us all. The daily struggle struggle of living that one sees in nature translates to me struggling daily as I do to understand and figure out my place in the universe wild...


Where go the men of peace?

Where hide the women of hope?
For deep in this hollow
desert dust
where springs the blood
of bombs
the collateral damage of innocents,

No one speaks for them.

No one speaks for
the red swept
swaddled in dust
after the bunkers come
crashing through.

No one
cries foul when
doctors die
deep in Gaia’s bosom
broken and torn apart
by coward’s toys.

Where lies the brave soul to speak
for those
creatures caught
by war?

September 28, 2016

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