Friday, September 15, 2017

Highly recommended.

NOWW READINGS AT BRODIE LIBRARY - Tue. 19 Sep 2017 @7:00 pm

The theme for the evening is "the fall", however you wish to define it.

One of the evening's readers is Edgar J. Lavoie, who lives in Greenstone, Ontario, where he retired after 35 years' teaching.  He describes his home as a big cabin on a big lake in the boreal forest, all of which influence his writing.

Between 1975 and 1984, he founded, edited, and published a little regional magazine, The Squatchberry Journal.  Edgar has published numberless articles and columns in magazines and newspapers, and written several local history books.  In 2011 he published The Beardmore Relics, a mystery novel, and in 2013, Geraldton Back Doors, the second book in the series.  Various writing projects have pushed back the writing of the third novel in the series, The Manitou Firebird.

At lot of his writing is published on his blog, E.J. Lavoie's Blog. 

His reading selections tonight come from volumes subtitled The Chronicles of Goshen.  Each volume is a collection of stories and essays set in a mythical Northwestern Ontario region.

He hopes you "fall" for them.

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