Friday, November 24, 2017

A Love Story to Remember.

 Days to Remember Days to Forget
by Bill and Cathy MacDonald
Love letters from a writer in Paris
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Bill and Cathy met the last week of July, 1960 at Silver Islet. There was instantaneous love. They both came from dysfunctional families, so meeting someone they loved dramatically changed both of their lives.
Cathy left 5 weeks later to resume her job in Toronto. Shortly after, Bill left for Paris for 10 months to continue his studies in French. They kept in touch by letters, since there was no email, no Skype. Bill described the French bureaucracy, the effects of the Algerian war, and adapting to a different culture. The letters between them were not always a smooth ride.
Cathy went to Paris for 10 days at Christmas. As Bill said, he wondered if she wanted him as much as ever after 10 days with nothing but him all her waking hours. She did.
Bill and Cathy were married soon after he returned from France. Most of the book consists of his letters to her, since her letters had been destroyed.
The book describes their married life, his writing, their travels, and the ups and downs of life.
Quote from the book

“Living with an alcoholic father warps your view of happiness. But when I met Bill, I finally knew what happiness was. I don’t think I could ever have been happier.”
Cathy MacDonald, co-author

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