Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Workshop on Sonnets

Sonnets ...

Presenter: Holly Haggarty
Date: January 25, 2018         
Time:  7:00 pm
Venue: Waverley Library Auditorium

Admission:  Free for all participants

As Holly says: Why do I offer a workshop on the sonnet, that 'little song" of poetry that began eight centuries ago in Italy?

Sonnets are a realm unto themselves, with transferable skills such as focusing an idea, playing in and out of rhythm, developing skill in the use of form, appreciating poetic tradition, and cultivating connoisseurship.

 I'm not interested in teaching how to write a sonnet; rather with the experience of writing a sonnet teaches.  

I think poets should be well versed (haha) in all forms.
If you think so too, then roll up your sleeves, ink your quill, and join your fellow poets

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