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Louise Penny's Latest

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Winabozho the Mighty Creator and Shapeshifter by Tammo Gerstsema

Wiinabozho the Mighty Creator and Shapeshifter ~ 

(Part 2 of a new blog story, titled Wiinabozho and the Magic Bow"') 

Welcome back in My Storyteller Lodge... 

There was truly not much that Wiinabozho could not do in order to help his People! He had the ability to shapeshift at will into virtually any creature and form, including a rabbit or hare, a tree, or a rock! His creation of the second world after the first flooded, his role as securer of the right for the Ojibwe people to hunt and fish and as artist who showed them how to paint their dreams and visions on the rocks, and his embezzling of fire to give to his Grandmother which in turn gave fire to the Ojibwe people, are among the many things that made him the most beloved aadizookaan (supernatural character) in their aadizookaanan (sacred stories). 

He conversed with every creature in the Universe. He mastered every language known among men and spirits. He even knew what the bineshiinyag (birds) were saying in their songs! There were so many things Wiinabozho could do! He could run gabe-giizhig (from dawn until dusk); he could swim in the coldest of ziibiwan (rivers) and zaaga'iganan (lakes). Some say that his footsteps were so long that he could easily cross the widest gami (big lake) in one step! Ishte, some folks even claimed that they had seen him seize the lightning in his hands and that at his command terrible storms broke loose from their caves! Yet at the same time, on his command also, the gentle winds blew, the mountains became green and the flowers of spring bloomed everywhere… 

Mii gwayak, yes, this and many more things Wiinabozho was capable of! All these things, and many more things, he could do so well that probably his greatest liability was his being unconscious of his many shortcomings and weaknesses… 

“What shortcomings and weaknesses are those, exactly?” you might ask. “I thought you just said Wiinabozho was a good-natured fellow and a hero to his People?” 

Haw dash, well now, if you really want to know… be sure to continue reading nindinawemaaganidok… 

- To be continued 

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