Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, March 7, 2008


Jacqueline D’Acré’s fiction is as vivid and sultry and tumultuous – and as carnal, too – as the city of New Orleans in which it is set.

And it is populated by a Mardi Gras of characters who not only bring the primality and private passions of daily life into focus but create for themselves (and for the reader) a well-lit stage on which, page after page, the imagination is invited to get up and dance. They come out of back alleys, the old plantations, the worlds of finance and avarice and crime -- and of course out of the ever-fascinating and exotic world of horses.

D’Acré’s fiction is funny and lurid and theatrical; but as much it entertains, it also offers a thoughtful running commentary on the shadows and yearnings of the human heart. Like the story that is New Orleans, this is fiction in which anything can happen to anybody… and usually does.
—Charles Wilkins, author, A Walk to New York, et al

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