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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kudos to Blue Pencil

Dear NOWW organizers;

I want to let other NOWW members know what an excellent service the Blue Pencil is. The anonymous critiquing service left me really impressed. It was very helpful, discussing areas of the manuscript that I knew needed improvement but didn't know how to approach. I used this service to review my entry in the annual writing contest and was impressed with the feedback, which incidentally, helped me realise why my entry didn't win! Something that was invisible to me became very obvious once it was pointed out.

The greatest part about this service is that although the content of the review may be negative, the comments are presented in a positive manner. The reviewer provided valuable insight and specific suggestions for improvement that I was able use effectively, and the encouragement to rewrite the story instead of giving up. I can't recommend Blue Pencil enough.


The writer remains annoymous as is the policy with all Blue Pencil correspondance. For more into on the Blue Pencil service, visit the NOWW site or scroll way down, way down this site to links below.

Note: you do not have to be a Blue Pencil member to take advantage of this service for writers.

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