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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Poets are Loose!

Watch Out!! RANDOM ACTS OF POETRY"~OCT. 3rd to 10th & at City Council Meeting: MON. SEPT. 28th @ 6:30pm.

Each day during Random Acts of Poetry Week a "poetry construction crew" of up to 5 local poets (up to 20 poets during the entire week) wearing bright orange road construction coveralls will present a series of poetry/spoken word performances at up to 30 locations throughout the City of Thunder Bay.

New in 2009, talented singer/songwriters will be joining RAP poet crews.

Random Acts of Poetry is intended to inspire the public to think about the creativity and enjoyment inherent in literacy development as shown through the written/verbal artistic "word constructions" of participating poets. The performance idea is also akin to the common notion of "random acts of kindness" - poetry is being offered to the public in a spirit of kindness and generosity.

The performances are "random" in that the poets will read poems and prose excerpts from their repertoire that will suit the “atmosphere" of each location on the schedule. It's also "random" in the sense that the poetry construction crews not only visit scheduled ("cleared" and confirmed) locations to reach out to our diverse community such as schools, libraries, coffee shops etc., but also perform in public space such as city parks and downtown areas etc., as well as doing live radio performances broadcast throughout Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario and internationally-via internet radio.

Yikes! Those poets! See Ulrich Wendt's poem below about marauding poets.

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