Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, April 9, 2010

Write Me Out to the Ball Game...

A note from librarian Barbara Philp to Marion Agnew and passed on to Literary Thunder Bay offers a writing opportunity.

I'm sure you are aware - I talk about it enough!! - that my husband, Warren, is involved with the World Junior Baseball Championships that are happening here in TBay July 23- Aug 1.

They are looking for some writers who would be willing to write some "human interest" pieces for the webpage and the programmes and other things. Warren had been talking to Charlie Wilkins, but of course Charlie is busy with his prep for rowing across the ocean!!!!

I thought that you , or other members of NOWW might like to take on some writing - there is no monetary compensation unfortunately - this is a non-profit affair!!!, but Warren can probably get tickets to some of the games!! Anyway, if you can pass on this info to your group and anyone interested in doing some writing for a great event can contact Warren -

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