Winner of 2017 Giller Prize

Winner of 2017 Giller Prize
Michael Redhill for his novel Bellevue Square

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off with the novels, Bring on the stories.

Sometimes, when I finish a good novel, I do not want to start another.  My addiction to short stories kicks in.  Alice (the great) Munro can slake that thirst as can William Trevor but this week I am working through a pile of old New Yorker magazines kindly saved for me by a friend's mother.  Each mag gives me a great short story.

 I love to get my  magazines in the mail, each one a surprise arranged by me.  I can't subscribe to all the marvelous lit mags out there, so I let the subs drop when they run out and send in the card for a different magazine.  Right now I get a Canadian group: Room, Other Voices, Prairie Fire and Event  as well as a couple of  Americans: The Story Teller and Glimmertrain. I love The New Quarterly, probably the top Canadian lit mag,  and I'll pick it up again.  I buy the Artery locally and usually pick up Canadian Stories when I see it at Chapters.And there is the NOWW magazine, 807, available to members.  What an addiction!

The new issue of Room sits beside the bed and a great issue it is.  The story Ghosting by M. E. Powell had me holding my breath.  Adrianne Kalfoupolou's story, April the Cruelest Month, uses the Demeter and Persephone myth as a thread winding through the tale.  And the wonderful story called Mandy Raeburn by Kimberley Fehr slid smoothly along to its bitter end. 

Reading a good story is like opening a present and finding all one's life inside.

Thanks to all the lit mags that keep my addiction flourishing.

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