Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zine it!

[youth multi-arts] Die Active: CALL FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS! Deadline: August 7 ~ Details:

Participants (age 14-30) are invited to come to free summer art workshops and/or submit their art, writing & music to the Die Active 'zine' (a mini magazine). Musicians, photographers, poets, comic-ers, illustrators, or even the very CURiouS: All are welcome to join!
~Call For Submissions for Die Active Zine ~ Please read the below guidelines before submitting:

Young Blooded Artists! Call for Zine Submissions!

Now's your chance: send in your art, writing, music, comics and more, to be published in the 2nd issue of Die Active Zine. The *zine will be completed by Sept 2010 and will travel to Montreal for the amazing "ExpoZine Fair".

*a zine is an independent alternative publication, it is a DIY(do it yourself) form of magazine

What to Submit: art, writing, photography, music and more...

The “Die Active” Zine covers a broad range of topics in art. Including contemporary, traditional to experimental art and writing, in the form of visual art/ design/ illustration/ poetry/ prose & more, as well as a music CD. Art submissions may stand alone or be combined with writing.

Topics include, but are not limited to, politics, art, design, comics/graphic arts, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, single topic obsession; content far enough outside of the main stream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media. (i.e. “edgy” or “alternative”). No censorship applies.
Eligibility: AGES 14-30, living in or former resident of Thunder Bay or Northwestern Ontari

How to Submit: to:
...or drop off at: Definitely Superior Art Gallery (250 Park Ave/lower level/open: Tues-Sat/12-6pm),
...or mail to: Definitely Superior Art Gallery, P.O. Box 21015, RPO Grandview Mall, Thunder Bay, ON; P7A 8A7

Please Label your submission:  ATTN: Die Active Zine Submissions, INCLUDE YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (name, age, mailing address, email & phone number)
MUSIC: must be submitted on a CD in high quality-fully labelled.
VISUAL ART: please scan your image and send a jpeg file, scanner available at defsup.
WRITING: should be short (max 700 words).

Please do not send originals.

Please Note:Submission is no guarantee of publication, that is, not all work can be guaranteed a space in the zine. The collective will be arranging selections based on space, layout and the theme of the zine. The collective is comprised of artists who organize/compile the zine, collect submissions from others, and have a higher level of participation than submitting work (i.e. attend each meeting, volunteer time outside of meetings, work closely with other collective members, and assist in running workshops/gatherings).

To join the collective, simply attend meetings. Search Facebook: “die active zine” for meeting schedule, or email

Zine Design: Die Active zine is not copyedited, thus the person submitting is responsible for legibility/spelling/grammar/editorial notes-if any.

The zine is black/white, cut/pasted/collaged together by hand, some work done in photoshop In Design, colour glossy cover.  Printed on legal size paper (8.5 in. high and 14 in. wide) horizontal orientation, folded/stapled in the middle, thus creating two (2) pages. Size of one Zine page is : 7x 8.5 inches, margins: 0.5 in. on all sides.

*You’re also invited to check out last year's copy of die active zine, as well as the other zines at DefSup

*Questions? Contact Lora Northway at the gallery (344-3814 / / or send a msg via the Die Active group on Facebook)

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