Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters

Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters
by Jean Pendziwol

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing
Elvis, Joan M. Baril, customer poet Rob Lem

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zine it!

[youth multi-arts] Die Active: CALL FOR ZINE SUBMISSIONS! Deadline: August 7 ~ Details:

Participants (age 14-30) are invited to come to free summer art workshops and/or submit their art, writing & music to the Die Active 'zine' (a mini magazine). Musicians, photographers, poets, comic-ers, illustrators, or even the very CURiouS: All are welcome to join!
~Call For Submissions for Die Active Zine ~ Please read the below guidelines before submitting:

Young Blooded Artists! Call for Zine Submissions!

Now's your chance: send in your art, writing, music, comics and more, to be published in the 2nd issue of Die Active Zine. The *zine will be completed by Sept 2010 and will travel to Montreal for the amazing "ExpoZine Fair".

*a zine is an independent alternative publication, it is a DIY(do it yourself) form of magazine

What to Submit: art, writing, photography, music and more...

The “Die Active” Zine covers a broad range of topics in art. Including contemporary, traditional to experimental art and writing, in the form of visual art/ design/ illustration/ poetry/ prose & more, as well as a music CD. Art submissions may stand alone or be combined with writing.

Topics include, but are not limited to, politics, art, design, comics/graphic arts, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, single topic obsession; content far enough outside of the main stream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media. (i.e. “edgy” or “alternative”). No censorship applies.
Eligibility: AGES 14-30, living in or former resident of Thunder Bay or Northwestern Ontari

How to Submit: to:
...or drop off at: Definitely Superior Art Gallery (250 Park Ave/lower level/open: Tues-Sat/12-6pm),
...or mail to: Definitely Superior Art Gallery, P.O. Box 21015, RPO Grandview Mall, Thunder Bay, ON; P7A 8A7

Please Label your submission:  ATTN: Die Active Zine Submissions, INCLUDE YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (name, age, mailing address, email & phone number)
MUSIC: must be submitted on a CD in high quality-fully labelled.
VISUAL ART: please scan your image and send a jpeg file, scanner available at defsup.
WRITING: should be short (max 700 words).

Please do not send originals.

Please Note:Submission is no guarantee of publication, that is, not all work can be guaranteed a space in the zine. The collective will be arranging selections based on space, layout and the theme of the zine. The collective is comprised of artists who organize/compile the zine, collect submissions from others, and have a higher level of participation than submitting work (i.e. attend each meeting, volunteer time outside of meetings, work closely with other collective members, and assist in running workshops/gatherings).

To join the collective, simply attend meetings. Search Facebook: “die active zine” for meeting schedule, or email

Zine Design: Die Active zine is not copyedited, thus the person submitting is responsible for legibility/spelling/grammar/editorial notes-if any.

The zine is black/white, cut/pasted/collaged together by hand, some work done in photoshop In Design, colour glossy cover.  Printed on legal size paper (8.5 in. high and 14 in. wide) horizontal orientation, folded/stapled in the middle, thus creating two (2) pages. Size of one Zine page is : 7x 8.5 inches, margins: 0.5 in. on all sides.

*You’re also invited to check out last year's copy of die active zine, as well as the other zines at DefSup

*Questions? Contact Lora Northway at the gallery (344-3814 / / or send a msg via the Die Active group on Facebook)

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