Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crime Writers can Pitch Direct to Libraries

I recieved an e mail from Cheryl Freeman of Crime Writers of Canada aimed at all those who have a mystery novel published and want to get it out there.  You have to be a member of Crime Writers of Canada, I think but if you are interested , e mail address is below. This is a marvellous opportunity.

Hi, criminous authors all...

How would you like to pitch your most recent book to a few thousand Ontario librarians?

The CWC is running a “speed-dating with CWC authors” at the Ontario Library Association’s Superconference at noon on Thursday, February 3, 2011, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. We’re not sure how many authors we can accommodate, so right now I want to ascertain how much interest there is in participating in this event.

Essentially, you have approx 3 minutes to pitch your book to one or two librarians before they move onto the next author and you get to do your pitch again to the librarians who’ve moved to you. How often you make your pitch depends on how many librarians show up to the session.

We’ll also be producing a booklet of our members’ most recent one or two books to give to the librarians, so even if you can’t participate in the event itself, librarians will still find out about you. I’ll be putting a call out in a couple of months for info for the hand-out.
This speed-dating session will be of particular interest to those of you with recently published books or books that will be coming out next year. However, I suggest you do an online search for as many Ontario public libraries as you have time for to see who has your books. If a number of libraries don’t appear to be carrying your books, you might want to participate, even if you don’t have anything new. If libraries don’t carry your books, why not do the pitch? (Not to worry, your most recent book(s), even if not from 2010 or 2011, will be included in the hand-out.)

Note: If you are self-published and the libraries you check don’t have your books, check to see what their policy is for self-published works. Toronto Public Library, for example, will carry self-published books only if they have been reviewed by a newspaper or magazine book reviewer.

Please get back to me at by Monday, Sept 20, to let me know if you’re interested in participating.

Cheryl Freedman
CWC Director at Large Editor, Fingerprints Online

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