Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Monday, November 29, 2010

it's Been a Long Time Coming

But at last it's here.  I first heard Rona read her poetry to a full house at Humber College.  Wow! I said and so did everyone else in the audience.

Olive Senior, prize-winning, internationally recognized Canadian author of a dozen books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction says:“Rona Shaffran’s poems are not just honest, intimate and passionate, but there are also no missteps, nothing that seems out of place. Some of her poems hint at a darker, deeper place. The illustrations not only enhance the poems, but they are also quite intriguing.”

The book is called, intriguingly, Cistern of my Body.  Mmm, quite the title indeed.

D.M. Thomas, prize-winning, internationally recognized Cornish novelist, poet and translator and author of The White Hotel says:“Rona Shaffran is an extremely talented, intelligent and sensual poet. I like the genuineness of the feelings she conveys. These are poems that get to the heart of an emotion or experience. The love poems are passionate, wry, succinct and ironic; poignant too. The poems of disillusionment don’t waste a word.”
Cistern of my Body is a short book of poems illustrated by the award-winning Australian artist. Marcello D'Amico. This elegant, little book is only $7.00 plus shipping,
You will find poems about passion, disillusion, loss and intimacy, which all weave together, just as sadness and joy do in our lives.  These are poems that evoke the essence of the thing – so you can touch it, taste it, see it, smell it, and hear it.

This book is being published and distributed both in Canada and in Australia. It will also be translated into Italian, to be published and distributed in Italy.

To order a copy, contact

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