Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Xmas and the Giller

Christmas again.  Every year.  How did we get started on this road? On Saturday, check out my explanation in. "The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer." The short story starts "She was fifteen years old and she was pregnant. What was she going to say to her parents?"  

I have now read all the Giller fiction except the winner, The Sentamentalists.  The book finally hit Coles and Chapters but not my mail box yet.  

I take it all back.  This is an apology to Sarah Selecky.  I dismissed her Giller-nominated story collection, titled The Cake is for the Party.  I did this after reading one story. Me wrong.  This is a great book and I think my fav of all the Giller nominees so far.  Selecky sharpens her pen, dips it in a mixture of equal parts heart ache and acid, narrows her eyes and begins. She sets down contemporary, funny, wicked, sad tales, a sort of Sex in the City written by someone with an unflinching gaze and a secret notepad for the telling phrase. I especially liked the story, Where Are You Coming From Sweetheart?, which deals with a self-obsessed teen aged girl.

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