Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter from Sandra Birdsell

I received  a nice note from novelist Sandra Birdsell. Her latest novel, Waiting for Joe, was reviewed in this blog. Here is a bit of what she says.

I've since logged on to your blog. I must say thanks for the great things you had to say about Waiting for Joe.  A do appreciate the time you take to tell others.

And along the way, I was delighted to read the letter from Charles Wilkins.  Charlie and I go back a long way to Winnipeg where we were both starting out on the adventure of becoming published authors.

And there he is about to row across the Atlantic - another great adventure - while I continue to row my way through another novel. I admire him.

Plan to keep track of his voyage and your blog. Have good memories of Thunder Bay from the times I've visited..... Sandra,

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