Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Message from Louise Penny

I really want to tell you the big news. We have a cover for the next Gamache novel, THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY! This is the American and Canadian cover. The book itself will be released on August 28thand you can now pre-order either online or at your local bookstore. That way you won’t have to wait, if the print run sells out. A TRICK OF THE LIGHT went into four printings within the first two months. I adore this cover for THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY. Among the things I love are the soft light, the dark corners, the deep forest and the sense of duality. The forest, I find, is both inviting and natural, and foreboding.

THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY is set in a remote Quebec monastery, where the monks have taken vows of silence, but sing their prayers, in the form of ancient Gregorian chants. In fact, so glorious are their voices that these cloistered monks have become world famous.
But the thick walls and heavy door have remained closed to the outside world. Until one of the monks is murdered, and Chief Inspector Gamache comes calling. He will be the first ‘outsider’ in centuries to see the monastery, and hear the monks sing. But he knows that within this contemplative order, one of the brothers has been contemplating murder. And then committed it.

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