Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, August 31, 2012

Strange Tales by Elle Andra-Warner

Elle Andra-Warner
Ella Andra-Warner's "Strange Tales", stories dealing with the history of the  north, are popular with folks in Thunder Bay.  Her latest strange tale in the August/September issue of  Northern Wilds deals with Buffalo Bill and the showman's connection to Duluth.  I was amazed to learn Wild Bill had a sister who owned the Duluth Press which, in the 1890's, hired women to be in charge of most of its departments, The newspaper was advertised as "The Women's Paper of the Great Northwest."  For many years, Buffalo Bill owned a house in Duluth called Codyview. Rumour claims he buried treasure on the property.
Andra-Warner, a well-know Thunder Bay author, is a regular contributor to Northern Wilds.  She is an historical digger extraordinaire , unearthing all sorts of unusual and interesting stories. I always turn to her column first, sure of an intriguing read. 
Another Thunder Bay contributor is Gord Ellis, broadcaster, musician and human fish finder.  Gord writes about fishing and fishing events.  His story in the current issue deals with the Nipigon Fall Fishing Festival.
Northern Wilds, published in Grand Marais, is widely distributed in the Thunder Bay area. It is free for the taking. I usually pick up my copy at Calico's or the Metropolitan Moose Coffee House in Kakabeca.


  1. sounds like a very intriguing author and subject.

  2. sounds like a very intriguing author and subject.