Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Writing Group Looking for Members

Are you looking for a writing critique group? Writers Northwest meets monthly to share our work and offer support and feedback. We are now offering distance membership. Perhaps you have wanted to join but were unable because you work evenings, live out in the country, have childcare commitments, or live outside of Thunder Bay.
If you are unable to attend our monthly meetings in person, you can participate via email. Instead of attending meetings at the library, you may send your monthly critiques the day before to all participating members. In return, when you’re work is being critiqued, all members will send you there feedback by email.
This is the first time we have tried this. We hope it will the provide opportunity for new members to participate. We will reassess the process in a few months to see if it is working to everyone’s advantage.
Send two of your BEST pieces of prose to Follow the submission requirements listed below.
These pieces will be circulated to existing members for discussion. You will be notified whether you are accepted or not.
Potential new members will be placed on a four month probation.
A competent knowledge of English grammar and syntax.
Regular attendance at monthly meetings or participation by email.
Monthly submission of critiques in writing for each piece of writing being discussed.
Be prepared to submit final draft prose (not poetry) of your work every two or three months.
A reasonable time and thought should be spent on both the critique and your own submission.
Remember that we are here to support each other as writers and provide helpful criticism.
Prose should be maximum three thousand words.
Double spaced, pages numbered, 12 font, Times Roman, one inch margins, submitted by email in rtf and doc.
Send your work at least a week before the meeting to all members.
Remember to approach the work on its own merits. It might not be your personal preference. The piece belongs to the writer.

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