Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Usual Fun Time

The readings at Brodie Library are always enjoyable. Alan Wade told us stories about the mysterious Maymaygawisiuk, small stone men who paddle stone canoes using stone paddles.  They disappear into the rock faces which often line the shores of Northern Ontario lakes.  Their portraits have been painted many eons ago, on the rock faces at Picture Lake, Lake Nipigon and perhaps many unknown places.

Tessa Soderberg read an excerpt from her novel Home Service. During the early days of World War II in London, a group of nurses take time off to go to the pantomime but on emerging from the theatre, find themselves in the midst of a massive bombing attack. They have to make their way through the burning city to get back to their hospital.

After a break for tea and coffee, a draw was held for three mugs decorated with the cover page of the upcoming book Everything is So Political: A Collection of Short Stories by Canadian Writers edited by Sandra McIntrye. 

The evening finished with a couple of stories by Joan Baril who sported an Everything is So Political tee shirt.

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