Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Big Electic Cat Takes on the Mall

Duncan Weller's Latest

I met Duncan Weller outside Cole's Bookshop in Intercity Mall. He was signing books, specifically his newest kids' book, Big Electric Cat. Trade was brisk. This gave me a chance to pick up one of the books and look through it. Weller's artistry and inventiveness is usually top quality and the illustrations in this book are as good as any he has done. The cat alone is worth the cheap (5 bucks) price of the book. At first,  I did not notice the woman looking over my shoulder but she was murmuring a series of wow's as I turned the pages. MP John Rafferty(Thunder Bay-Rainy River)  dropped by to congratulate the author.

I don't know a kid who would not love this book. First, who can resist a cat and an electric cat as well? The cat is Canadian but at this moment, is living in Mexico.  Felix, a homeless boy, wants to find the Big Electric Cat, but is the Cat real? Of course he is, ..  The story unfolds among the most dazzling art work.

Weller is a governor-general prize winner for his book A Boy From the Sun. This year he also published The Love Ant. (now that's a title!) To see Weller's  complete works and to buy, check out IMO, the books are very reasonably priced.

I put down the Big Electric Cat wishing my children were little again. I know they would have loved that cat. I did.

Duncan Weller

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