Friday, May 16, 2014

Letter from Margaret Phillips re Northern Woman's Bookstore.

Dear Joan and friends.

There is something magical about the Northern Woman's Bookstore.

At least, there is something magical about the women who resource the Bookstore.  So many times over the past thirty years there came a point when it was not possible for me to carry on the Bookstore - yet, every time, a woman or a group of women came together and said "we'll do it".

This has happened again, recently.  As many of you know I have been ill all winter, am currently in hospital and not available to do Bookstore shifts.  So our magical women have taken over, but have to make some adjustments which I hope you will support.

Namely, the Bookstore hours will change slightly.  We will be open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

As always, we will continue to host events such as author readings, book launches, music events, celebrations, book clubs and writer's circles.  We will continue to attend conferences, readings, and community events.  We continue to carry stock, and also make orders upon request.

I thank you for your understanding.

Margaret Phillips

Northern Woman's Bookstore
65 South Court Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario  P7B 2X2
Phone (807) 344-7979
Store hours: Wednesdays - Saturdays, 11 am - 4 pm

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